Airtight Networks AirTight Networks integrates secure Wi-Fi access, social networking, and powerful analytics to deliver an experience defied Wi-Fi solution for restaurant operators. In addition to driving guest engagement and enhancing customer loyalty, AirTight also protects your network and brand reputation from security breaches. AirTight Wi-Fi is easy to deploy and manage, enabling store operators to focus more time and energy on their customers rather than confiuring their network. With our social network opt-ins, guest Wi-Fi, walled gardens, analytics, remote cloud management and PCI compliance, you will be doing SMAC (social, mobile, analytics, and cloud) in no time! Top rated wireless IPS, rich analytics, full featured fiewall, QoS, and guest access management all come bundled at no extra cost with AirTight Wi-Fi. And having moved intelligence to the edge with our controller-less architecture, we have eliminated network bottlenecks and single points of failure so you can enjoy reliable, uninterrupted operation at every one of your locations at all times.

Why AirTight?

AirTight 802.11ac Access Points

  • High Performance, Secure Wi-Fi
  • Industry-first 802.11ac WIPS
  • High-value, No Compromises
  • Flexible Purchasing and Deployment Options
  • Controller-less "Intelligent Edge" Architecture
  • Centrally Managed plus Plug-n-Play Deployment
  • Ready for the Internet of Things

Social WiFI and Analytics

AirTight Social Wi-Fi is an innovative platform that integrates Wi-Fi access and social networking to facilitate omnichannel communication for enabling user communities and engagement. For instance, retailers can integrate social media channels with AirTight's customizable guest Wi-Fi captive portals to engage with in-store customers and turn them into loyal promoters, encourage them to opt into marketing programs and reach out to them via geo-marketing campaigns, e.g., coupons or special offers. Similarly, education institutes can leverage social Wi-Fi to encourage better communication between teachers, staff, students and parents, and facilitate student learning beyond the classroom. Event organizers can use social Wi-Fi at an event to encourage participation, provide real-time updates, and then follow up after the event.

WLAN Instrusion Prevention

Without the right tools to understand what is happening in your airspace, your business is exposed. Misconfigured access points, a rogue (unauthorized) access point, an employee connecting to a neighbor's network or a hacker sitting in your parking lot - all these can open a back door into your enterprise network and compromise your data. AirTight WIPS (formerly SpectraGuard Enterprise) is consistently recognized as the industry's top rated wireless IPS solution and is the solution of choice for security conscious organizations across all markets including retail, financial services, healthcare, Federal government and DoD installations.

  • 802.11ac Wireless Intrusion Prevention
  • Proactive Threat Detection and Remediation
  • BYOD Device Onboarding and Policy Enforcement