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Corporate Internet and Branch Connect

The service is designed for businesses of all sizes to provide fast and reliable internet connectivity for accessing online services and information.

What is Corporate Internet and Branch Connect ?

1. Corporate Internet Access Services is a service that provides fast and reliable internet connectivity to businesses and organizations. It enables them to access online services and information quickly and securely, and includes features such as dedicated bandwidth, network security, and technical support. Corporate Internet Access Services can be delivered using various technologies such as broadband, leased lines, fiber optics, satellite, point-to-point and wireless networks, and is typically provided by internet service providers (ISPs).

2. Branch Connect service is a network service that allows businesses to establish secure connections between different locations or remote workers. It helps organizations share data and applications quickly and efficiently by creating a seamless network infrastructure.

Branch Connect uses technologies such as VPNs and SD-WANs to ensure that all branches are always connected.

Who is this service for ?

1. Corporate Internet Access Services is a service designed for medium to large businesses.

2. Branch Connect is a service that connects the corporate network between the head office and the branch.

What are the benefits of this service ?

Both services can help your businesses to improve efficiency, productivity, and security while providing reliable and fast internet connectivity.

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